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EPIC | “What’s The Deal With The Sabbath?”
November 4, 2012
Alan Scott (Lead Pastor, CCC)


Name an occasion when you received the worst night’s sleep ever.  Can you recall a specific time when you slept better than ever?  What was the setting?  Why do you think you slept so very well?  What would ensure a good night’s rest for you today?

Read Mark 2:23-3:6.   What intrigues you as you read this passage?  Can you articulate context and what has happened previously to this text?   Why is Jesus in so much conflict with religious people?

How does religion enslave people?   Why would people choose this over freedom in Christ?  Do you know of anyone enslaved by religion?  What should you say or do… if anything?

Can you go back to the Old Testament and discover what the original intent of the Sabbath was?  What do you think God’s heart was for initiating the principles attached to the Sabbath?  Does any of this apply to us and today?

What makes religion so deadly? How has religion killed you… or parts of you?  What did Jesus do with religion?  What should we do?

There is a deep rest Jesus calls us to.  Can you explain this?  How does the phrase “it is finished” help you to rest?  How much do you need this?   Is there a re-ordering of your life that needs to take place in order for deep to call to deep within you?  How may your community group pray for you?

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