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In a Nielson ratings season of The Voice, The X-Factor, and American Idol, the advice I gave my third born seemed strange.

Morgan was gearing up for her Lovinggood Middle School talent show.  The point is to win and move onto the next round, right?  Our Bible study on Tuesday night pointed in another direction.  Lose your life to find it was the perplexing motto of Matthew ten.  We discussed how this could be applied.  What if Morgan lost herself in the encouragement of her talented peers?  What if she gave herself away to the competition and just enjoyed the night?  Sounds crazy, right?  She tried it, and you can see the freedom of her performance by clicking here.

There’s a lot to this life with Jesus that seems crazy.  Lose your life.  Put others first.  Be content (that just won’t market).  Love your enemies.  Live for the next life.  Die to self.  The greatest is the servant.  Give a large portion of your income away (not in this economy!).  Live by the absolute truth of the Bible.  Pray.  Let the Word of Christ dwell within you richly.  Tell other people to do this stuff as well.

Is all of this just crazy?  Have you ever felt a little crazy trying to be a devoted Jesus follower?

On Sunday we’re going to face this crazy stuff head on.  Our text is grand.  Mark 3:20-35.  Guess which verse most get stuck on?

Jesus was labeled as crazy AND an evil liar.  His answer is classic.  His encouragement to his followers is a clarion call:  “YOU’RE NOT CRAZY!”  If you’re a Jesus Freak who lives as a disciple of Jesus, take heart.  You’re not crazy.  Losing your life in this world to gain your life in the next is the absolute most sane thing you can do.  Ever wonder if when we lack a little “crazy” in our life, then something is horribly and boringly wrong?

Check out a crazy little ditty Emily Dickinson wrote: Much madness is divinest sense.To a discerning eye, much sense – the starkest madness.  ’Tis the majority in this, as all prevail.  Assent, and you are sane.  Demur, you’re straightway dangerous, and handled with a chain.”

Hope to see you on Sunday.  Bring your crazy friend.  Crazy will be welcomed and

celebrated.  Anxious to be with you and teach.


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