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EPIC | “When They Just Don’t Understand”
November 19, 2012
Alan Scott (Lead Pastor, CCC)


Think of a celebrity who you deem as crazy.   Why did you think of this person?  Now come up with another name of someone you believe is a liar.  Why do you put such a harsh label on them?  Thirdly, name someone who you respect as a great authority and tell why.

Read Mark 3:20-35.  What did Jesus’ family think about Jesus, and what did the religious folks think?  In what ways were they trying to dismiss Jesus?  How does Jesus respond to these accusations?   How do these arguments of the “trilemma” make you feel?

How does the discourse between Jesus and the religious leaders go back to Genesis 3:15?  Why did or didn’t they connect these dots?  In what ways do you dismiss the Lordship or Messiah-ness of Jesus?

Do you know of someone who has let themselves off the spiritual hook by categorizing Jesus as a good teacher?  Why or how do they do this?  What would you say to this person?  How would you pray for this person?

Cee-Lo Green wrote a song called “crazy.”  Do you know why he wrote the song?  In what way does he have it right in our being crazy for Jesus?  How do your actions prove your outlandish love for Jesus as Lord?

What did Jesus whisper to you as a result of this study?  Can you see Jesus looking at you and saying, “You are my family… my mother, brother, and sister?”  Why or why not?  What would you pray for each of your community group members concerning this passage of scripture from Mark?

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