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Sticky Faith
“Let’s Roll CCC!”
September 2, 2012
Alan Scott (Lead Pastor, CCC)


  1. How many butter tubs are at your house?  What value do you place on empty butter tubs?   What life lessons can we learn from a butter tub (see how many your community group can come up with)?  What spiritual depth can be explored using a butter tub?  BE CREATIVE AND HAVE FUN!
  2. Read Matthew 19:13-15.  Now Read Mark 10:13-16 AND Mark 10:35-45.  What are you discerning from the teaching of Jesus?  What was up with James and John?  How is Jesus’ response in Mark 10:45 significant?
  3. What do children represent concerning the Kingdom.  What do many adults miss when it comes to Jesus?  How would a child-like approach be helpful to many religious folks?   Where are you in all of this?
  4. What has been your biggest take-way from our 4-week, Sticky Faith series?  What have you practically employed and what has frustrated you?
  5. What will it take to make Sticky Faith a part of the DNA at CCC?  What will your role be… in practical terms?
  6. Have a brainstorming session with your Community Group.  What ways can your group and your families be committed to Sticky Faith?  What are small, medium, and large steps concerning families, inside the church walls, and outside the church walls?   What prayers will be prayed within your Community Group?
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