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Jaded is to become rather cynical about something once loved.  Pounded is to be beaten up or down by life because it was never supposed to be this way.

Many Christians are jaded towards the church.  They’re cynical.  Church, for far too many, has become a meaningless trek back and forth to a building that has seen its better days.  Jaded.

Still too, believers are pounded.  In this economy and with life demanding more and more, the midnight pillow begins to feel too similar to the early morning one.  There’s just not enough space and rest between the two.  Weary eyes are telling.  Many are just tired.  Exhausted.  Disillusioned.  Pounded.

Where are you on this jaded and pounded continuum?  Most people have a relevant position somewhere along this rocky path.  Most people, when you pull the curtain of Oz back, have a level of desperation, cynicism, boredom, or fatigue that makes life tough.  Oh… and if God is not blamed, He’s certainly thrown into the mix of possibilities to consider.

What do we do with jaded and pounded?  We need a bigger story?  Our life narratives have shrunk.  God’s story somehow becomes small.  Are Jaded and pounded mere symptoms fueling the race for a new pharmaceutical to make it all go away?  Can we make it all go away?

This email feels jaded and pounded.  Ugh.

You cannot understand how pumped I am for our new “EPIC” series beginning this Sunday.  What the gospel writer Mark wrote some 30 years after Jesus death, is what we so desperately need to consider today.  Mark wrote fast and furious because the times were as well.  Mark boasts only 16 short chapters.  Forty-one times he uses the word “immediately” or “straightway.”  Mark is all about action, and not so much about words.  Desperate times call for A BIGGER STORY.  Mark unveils an EPIC tale from chapter one verse one.  I can’t wait.

Know anyone jaded or pounded?   Figure out a way to get them to CCC this Sunday.

Are you struggling with this stuff yourself?  Come grasp and EPIC adventure that makes jaded and pounded look like a hangnail.   See you at our gathering on Sunday… 8:30 or 10:30 a.m.  (Would a few more of you consider making 8:30 your service?  We are full again at 10:30!)

BTW…  we’ll be commissioning Chris & Leah Case and the Resonate team at the end of each service.  The Resonate church plant officially launches this Sunday night!  If you’d like to bring a financial gift for this new work, you’ll be able to do this on Sunday.




P.S. –  If you’re new, we’d love to have you at our Newcomer’s Lunch on Sunday.  It’s right after the second service, and you can sign up by clicking here.

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