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EPIC | “Better”
Sept. 9, 2012
Alan Scott (Lead Pastor, CCC)


  1. What does it mean to be a reductionist? What are big things we tend to make small? What big issue do you reduce down to size? In our culture, what really is a big deal, but most people downsize the whole thing? Name a movie that makes small things big. What is the most epic movie you’ve ever seen?
  2. Read Mark 1:1-8. Why is the book of Mark unique in comparison to the other gospels? Who was this letter originally written to, and what was the circumstance surrounding these people? Why do you think Mark has the attitude of not mincing words, and just getting to what’s most important?
  3. What are circumstances today that tend to push people into reducing the gospel of Jesus? Why do most people need to get back to the large, EPIC story of God’s grand story? Can you articulate this narrative in brief fashion?
  4. What proofs in your life display an EPIC gospel? How good are you at spotting the plotline of God’s story in all of life (creation, fall, redemption, restoration)? Explain the last time you correlated God’s EPIC gospel to something of life. Who do you know that needs a large, EPIC gospel narrative explained?
  5. Can you explain the dance of the Trinity? How does this point us to God’s EPIC news? When have you sensed you were dancing the Trinity dance? How do you know you’re not?
  6. How does this make you feel: “It’s LOVE that wrote the EPIC story.” What does this mean to you, and what kind of response is elicited? How will the motivation behind God’s EPIC news motivate you to: Pray? Do? Give? Be? What do you need to confess to your community group as a result of this study? What will be your attitude moving forward with CCC’s new EPIC series?
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