Tax season is over… for most. Many stayed up late on April 14th to get their precipitous package postmarked by midnight on the 15th. Many Americans go right down to the wire because they have an incredibly hard time figuring out their tax balance sheet.

Some families do this at the end of each month. What’s the old saying, “We’ve got more month left over at the end of the money?” It’s a balance sheet problem. There is working, sweating, erasing, computing, no sleeping, caffeinating, and much praying to get that dang balance sheet to work out.

For some, it never works out. The balance sheet never gets balanced.

You know there’s a spiritual metaphor coming, right? We have a balance sheet problem.
None of us can work it out on our own. The price of sin (our bad and good stuff) can never get balanced by any of our efforts. But we try, work, perform, and pretend anyway. The balance sheet remains outstanding.

Here’s the real problem. Because we think we can balance our own spiritual balance sheet, we never get any rest. Our souls are always buzzing with whatever activity we feel will balance the scales between God and us. Rest, then, becomes an elusive taunt, bad joke, or far-fetched dream.

On our own, our balance sheet will always come up short.
On Sunday, we’ll be looking at how to fix this, and find rest.



Salvation & strength.

Interested? Jesus gave all to give us rest. Life.

We’re diving into John 1:29-34. How are you doing with our “Rest” series? Our Lord says, “In repentance and rest is our salvation. In quietness and trust is our strength. But… we would have none of it.”

I pray you’ll have all of it. A balanced balance sheet and rest.

Blessings my friends,

Weekly Need: $43,924

Weekly Giving: $40,025 4/28/2019

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