I’ve never really been good at small talk.
Honestly, it always seems to be in the way of much more valuable conversation. But of course, you can’t just rush into a deep conversation with someone. That’s weird. So, I usually find myself in one of two extremes – either saying too much too soon, or saying nothing at all.
Awkward, right?

Somehow, I think our communication patterns with each other bleed into our relationship with God. Perhaps, the Lord longs to say much more to us, but for whatever reason, we may get distracted from his voice. Or maybe we just don’t recognize it. Consequently, so much of our efforts revolve around trying to figure out how God speaks, when in reality, we should give much more attention to discovering how we best listen. We are wired a certain way as humans, and much of our intimacy with God is dependent on understanding how we are made. There is no circumstance or dynamic that could ever prevent a sovereign God from speaking to us, so we must begin to consider the dynamics that might prevent us from hearing him.

This week, we’ll take a look at the life of John the Baptist to discover a clarity concerning the voice of God, and recognize that it is something we all desperately need. Not only is he an inspiring example of such clarity, but his ministry reveals a unique pattern for how to find it.

I look forward to an incredible Sunday, and I hope to see you there!

Becoming less,
Courtney G. Harkness

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Weekly Giving: $52,343 4/21/2019

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