Moment of “Ahhhh”

The pressure is on for men everywhere. Mother’s Day looms. Guys, you gotta get this one right. You either caused great pain on the day of your birth, or you’re gonna cause some pain if you don’t remember the moms in your life. If you don’t have a spouse who is a mother, and/or your mom has passed, it behooves (great word) your very soul to remember and celebrate. This is important stuff.

I don’t know what I was thinking. On the day I graduated from college, Sherry and I got married that same night. It was May 9, 1987. It has forever created a potential double whammy for me. I’ve gotta bring my “A” game to our anniversary and then, do a quick turn-around and do the same for Mom’s day—or share space with Lucy in the dog house.

I always recruit the kids’ help. It’s only right. They caused pain on the day of their birth too.

Beyond any gift or card, we always try to structure the entirety of Mother’s Day as a zero-work day for Sherry. It’s a small guilt reliever for the diligent work Sherry does the other 364 days of our lives. So on Mother’s Day, we’ll work, create, and connive to create a moment of “ahhhh” for the person we love and who deserves so much more.

On Sunday, we’ll celebrate moms. Women. There’s much that wars against women’s souls these days. There are plenty of good reasons why women just want to avoid the whole Mother’s Day thing altogether. Times can be tough on moms and women. There are so few moments of “ahhhh.” There’s so little rest.


This weekend, we’ll unpack a great-but-often-misunderstood passage, John 1:43-51. We’ll bring our “REST” series down to street-level stuff just for moms and women. If you need rest, the practical side of Sunday should give you a moment of “ahhhh.”

Guys, here’s an insider’s tip. Buy and plant a beautiful fig tree for the mom or woman in your life. Wait for it. You’ll score massive points. Trust me.

I’m so excited to be back at CCC Central to teach this weekend. There will be a powerful word for women (NOT to the exclusion of exhausted men). Please invite those moms and women in your life who could use a little moment of “ahhhh.”

See you Sunday at 9:00 and 11:00 a.m.

Weekly Need: $43,924
Weekly Giving: $58,981 5/5/19

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