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Something is wrong.  I’ve called good friends and even a few experts.   There is an obvious, hideous, and evil lurking, and I’m just not sure what to do.

I ended up buying some Roundup concentrate.  This seems to be taking care of the dark advancement of several varieties of weeds and grasses exploding within my lawn.  A few sprays and the once-thriving vegetation is now brown, shriveling, and placed at bay for a guaranteed four months.  My Spring smile is indication the venerable woe has been eradicated.

Something greater is wrong, and most know it.  Explosions in Boston, immigration protests, horrific news of brutal abortion in Philadelphia, a disaster in Texas… and that was just yesterday’s AJC news.  How will this invasion of evil be eradicated from our lives?  Some experts are recommending a concentrate mix of politics, education, social reform, and environmental clean up.  Will it be this easy?  Will a few sprays of our best efforts shrivel up the dark news being broadcast into all our homes?

Jesus teaches what the real problem is and how to fix it all.  Interested?  This Sunday we’ll be diving into Mark 7:14-23 for a most timely study into what can wash all the evil away.  You probably should bring a friend.

Somebody once said, “The heart of the problem is the problem of the heart.”  There’s no legislation, program, educational initiative, social reform, or magical spray that can get to the root system of what’s wrong.

If you would slow and be honest with your own soul, the something wrong is not only a national problem — there’s something off deep within you.  Let’s get to the washing and the solution this Sunday.  I’m anxious to teach.



BTW… I’m praying for 7 men who:
1. Will meet with me once a month for 3 hours at my house for discipleship training.
2. Agree to move heaven and earth and schedules to make this an absolute priority.
3. Are hungry to be discipled, become Godly men, and leaders in the church.
4. Will commit to missing no more than one session.
5. Will do assigned reading and homework at least one week before monthly meetings.
6. Will each disciple 7 other men as a result of being discipled.
7. Value the art of listening and learning and creating community.


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