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I’ve noticed an alarming trend lately among the younger generation still eating food, taking up space, sleeping, and doing laundry under my roof.  The shocking new normal unfolding daily is the quickness of dubbing greatness to just about anything.

We watched a Justin Timberlake “Bring it on down to Veganville” SNL skit that was “awwwwesome.”  Someone downloaded a new song on iTunes that is “Amaaaayzing.”  Additionally, there seems to be great reason for celebration of a new app that apparently is “incredible.”   Coincidentally, when asked about my message from last Sunday, all I got was, “It was good.”   Hmpfforlotzzl!

What tested competencies are required for something to really be great?  Is it an attached dollar value?  Maybe the time given to create something begins to define greatness.    What if millions enable something to go viral?  Maybe THAT creates a tangible great for all to behold.

What would you say a great faith looks like?  Names of certain great Christians may begin to pop up into your head.  What does great faith do, say, or believe?  Do we have examples of people with great faith at Cumberland?

Of course, Jesus gave us an upside-down Kingdom response to greatness.  The whole first and last and least of these quotes come to mind.  What was Jesus’ thinking about someone who displayed great faith?  Did you know only two people were given great faith distinctions by Jesus in the New Testament?  Interestingly… these great faith examples were two individuals who had great distance from anything religious.

I want to have great faith.  Do you?  On Sunday, we’ll be tearing into a passage from Mark 7:24-30 to help us consider great faith.  Big faith.  Mega faith.  Got any?   You’ll be surprised as to who can actually have great faith.  For most, this will be very encouraging.  You should probably bring someone with you.

I’m anxious to teach on Sunday.  It’s gonna be AMAAAAAAYZINGLY great!  Looks like rain, so bring an umbrella for you and a friend!



BTW… On June 16th, we’ll be having our next F.I.A. Sunday AT CUMBERLAND.  We have lots of work, cleaning, updating, repairs, and prep for restoration ministries we need to pay attention to.  I pray you begin signing up for this great day of service.  We need leaders in the following areas (and Ben Propst will have a 20-minute info meeting after each service this Sunday — in the Loft): Painting Exterior; Painting Interior; Window Cleaning; Parking Lot Striping; Interior Design; Landscaping; Pressure Washing; Playground Construction Projects; Interior Construction Projects; Carpet/Tile Demolition; Parking; Prayer; Registration; First Aid; Childcare; Kitchen Cleaning/Organization


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