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I sat down for my early morning breakfast and noticed the alien sitting across from me.  Are you kidding me… he mixed his eggs with his breakfast potatoes AND poured Tabasco all over the mess?  Who does that?

This strange sight prompted memories of another foreigner who sat opposite my sunny-side-up plate.  With great animation this freak proceeded to mash and stir everything on his plate into one ugly pile.  Eggs, bacon, grits, potatoes, and fruit were hand blended into pig slop and then eaten!  What the what?

Doesn’t everyone know you must order your eggs over-easy, poke a neat half-inch hole in the yoke, and then dip your rye bread in the yoke until the golden yellow is gone?  That is the ONLY way to eat your breakfast eggs and not be a freak.

How do you go about making disciples?  What does a disciple even look like?  Is there a lesser option just below disciple?  Kyle Idleman, in his book “Not A Fan,” says you might be a fan of Jesus if you:  came forward during the 12th verse of “Just As I Am,” own three or more Bibles, have a picture in a church directory, worn “witness wear,” kissed dating goodbye, vowed never to watch Harry Potter movies, or actually know the meaning of traveling mercies.

Is it possible for us to think we know what a disciple looks like, but we’ve actually settled for being a fan and not a follower of Jesus?   Let that question probe some deeper crevices for a moment.  Jesus was often skeptical of folks who would say, “Lord, Lord,” but they never lived the Gospel-driven life out.

Do all disciples look alike?  Are we allowed to mash and stir things into an ugly discipleship pile, or does one size fit all?  Perhaps there’s a “look” of being a disciple we should be shootin’ for.  Or… would Jesus say, “What the what?”    Can I be follower of Jesus and not be a freak?

On Sunday, we’re diving into Mark 6:45-56.  There are deep, harder lessons for disciples and disciple hopefuls.  You ready for this?

Jesus loved, taught and provided miraculous evidences for the crowds.  He often, though, slimmed down the crowds when he pushed for true disciples beyond the signs and wonders.  Many who initially believed went away.  They wanted Jesus’ stuff more than they wanted Jesus.

Last Sunday our seats swelled with guests and friends.  It was awesome to love on, teach, inspire, and give evidence for Jesus.  It was one of our best attendances ever with 1,350 folks on campus.  This Sunday we’ll be pushing for people not to be stuck in the crowds as fans of Jesus, but rather true followers.  Disciples.  You in?

I’m excited to teach.  Bring a friend… back… to CCC!  See you at 8:30 or 10:30.

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