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I went the entire Winter without getting sick.  In spite of hearty hand-shakes and high-fiving our Cumberland knee nippers, I avoided the crud so many fought.  I attribute my virus avoidance to my voodoo smoothie Sherry and I drink every morning.  You don’t WANT to know what’s in that thaang!

Now Spring is springing, and I caught my first cold.  What’s up with that?  Tis the season for pollen, hayfever, allergens, and a definite needed tweak to my smoothie.

I love the Spring season, I just can’t afford the Kleenex I go through in a week’s time.  Ugh.

I DO love the season we’re in at Cumberland.  This Sunday is our much-anticipated F.I.A. Sunday.  We’ll be doing a makeover at Belmont Hills Elementary School.  Several churches are joining us, and the CCC registrations look strong.  Way to go.

Here’s a brief note from our head FIA director, Chris Ruetlinger:  “Thanks so much for volunteering your time this Sunday. God will use each of us to transform Belmont Hills Elementary School.  Click here to see our website and find information such as volunteer assignments, schedule of events, directions to the school, where to park and other pertinent stuff.  I look forward to seeing all of you at 8 AM on Sunday morning at Belmont Hills.  Peace!”

(PARENTS OF LITTLE ONES:  Nursery care at the church during FIA is provided for babies 0-2 years old.)

 But this is just the beginning of a great season at CCC.  On Palm Sunday (March 24), David Zauber, from Jewish Believers In Jesus, will speak and unfold the tremendous insights attached to Passover.  You’ll want to bring a friend to this one!  Then in the afternoon on that same day… March 24th… our church will be set up like a Calcutta slum as you’ll have the opportunity through Tabitha’s Heart Ministries to experience a day in the life of a slum child.  Please RSVP to Jen Overly (jenoverly@cumberlandchurch.org) if you are coming.

As if this wasn’t enough for this great season… we’re doing a 24/7 week of prayer during holy week.  Our prayers stations will be amaaaaazing.  Have you signed up yet?  Click here!

THEN…  Our very somber and awakening Good Friday service will unfold at 7 p.m..  This is a very special service to keep our Easter holiday in it’s proper perspective.  I count this one as an absolute must for Jesus followers.

ALL OF THIS… leads us up to Easter.  What a tremendous morning we have planned.  Will you make some definitive invites for this very special day?

TIS THE SEASON.  I hope you’re all in.  I don’t use massive amounts of Kleenex and hyper links for nothing!  Have a very blessed, 70-degree Friday.  Get out there… but drink your smoothie first.



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