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Friday morning riddle:  How do you try not talking about something, but intentionally make sure your point is clearly understood?

My wide-eyed, blonde-haired, blissfully innocent, 11-year-old son came home with a purple paper a few weeks back.  The paper went under the radar for several days… perhaps even weeks.  It was a dated purple paper requiring signatures of both parents.  Sherry discovered it in Michael’s folder a day or two before the deadline.

It was the 5th grade boy’s health class announcement of THE talk.  THAT was the purple paper.  Kids at Cheatham Hill Elementary School would face the nemesis of the purple paper only with authenticated signatures of parents.  No wonder Michael was avoiding and burying the purple paper.  For a 5th grade boy, the purple paper was the equivalent to a Presidential edict making all rising 6th graders commit to weekly asparagus.   Sherry and I were left smiling… a lot… to cover up our internal laughter.

Finally, on the night before the purple paper was due, Michael kissed his sweet mother good night.  Just before Sherry closed the door on his bedroom, Michael whispered, “Please, please, please… don’t sign the purple paper.”   He wanted to NOT talk about something while intentionally making sure his point was clearly understood.  I still smile.

On Sunday we’ll finish out our 4-week “Haplotes” series.  We’ve taken a diversion from our study in Mark to explore generosity.  I’ve intentionally tried NOT talking about just money, while the point of generosity is understood.  Of course, money is included in the topic and was one of Jesus’ most often-used bullet points.  BUT… there’s so much more going on in our study of II Corinthians 8 & 9 than just your wallet.

I believe CCC gets this.  My prayer is that this series has and will be a source of encouragement.  We have been given much as individuals and definitely as a church.  God expects our generosity.  When you’ve experienced His love like we have, you can’t help but be generous.

Take an advanced look ahead to II Corinthians 9:15.  It’s the very last verse of this two-chapter-long section on generosity.  There’s no purple paper to avoid here.  There’s simply and powerfully an Indescribable Gift.  Let’s gather and worship and celebrate on Sunday.  Bring a friend.  I’m excited to teach.


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