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A sweet, bright, on-it, young couple showed up at our marriage class a few months back.  They were excited to gain more proactive tools for their burgeoning marriage.  I wondered why such a great duo needed any marriage help.  Things were going so well, why were they pushing it?  The husband told of a commitment they had made to do something (retreat, class, conference, book, counseling) each year that would build into their marriage.  I did an internal sigh wishing such a resplendent commitment was made when my goatee wasn’t so gray.

Why do people… things… places… often times look to improve?  When is good enough good enough?  What drives relentless pursuits towards excellence and, as former President G.W. would say, “embetterment?”  Don’t you wish those apathetic Taco Bell workers would kick it up a notch?  Maybe it’s a sign to stop eating at such establishments.

And while I’m on this rant… there are times when fast food restaurants get so down and nasty, the corporation bull dozes said building and constructs a brand new one.  Is that a pursuit of excellence, or giving up and starting over?  Makes me go, “Hmmmm.”

It’s relatively easy to make an emotional pledge for increased excellence in January.  Where do those same determinations go when we get to June, hotter temperatures, and opportunities to soak in the sun and relax?

When a church is doing well, why push things?   Should continued improvement be tabled a bit after God has turned things around, people’s lives are changed, giving is solid, and spiritual health abounds in a local part of the Kingdom?  Bottom line here is this:  “Why is Alan pushing generosity when people are giving and things seem be going swimmingly well?”

On Sunday, let’s gather to chat.  I want to share my heart as honestly and raw as possible.   Let’s put things on a healthy pause for one Sunday as we come to part three of our “Haplotes” series.  We’re going to dive creatively into II Corinthians 9:1-5 for encouragement and space to breathe.  This weekend we’ll unpack a Biblical principle that directly applies to CCC:  “to whom much has been given, much will be required.”

Our eagerness and commitment early in the year must remain or grow stronger come the warmth of June.  God IS stirring and moving at Cumberland.  This is a great time to cement why we do what we do, get everyone on the same page, and to be wonderfully proactive with an EPIC gospel God is revealing.  Be encouraged CCC!  Let’s gather to build into what God is doing in your life, our church, and our broken community.

It’s gonna be a good Sunday.  Invite a friend along.  See you Sunday.



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