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Memories of my dad in restaurants can come screaming back like they had just unfolded yesterday.  My father was quick on the draw of a tip withdraw.  He would send a filet or bowl of beans back to the chef in a New York Steak minute.  His standards were extremely high, and often he was a bit grumpy.  If the health inspection score was below a 98, the whole family would pack’er in and head out the door even after drinks were served.  My current tendency for perfection even at Wendy’s is a reflection of my dad.   As I’ve seen my own kid’s cringing faces, I’ve realized what my face looked like when my own father lost it over an order of French fries.  (BTW… in the late 60’s, chill pills were not yet a reality for fathers to consider.)

How quick are we to withdraw our generosity when things aren’t just so?  I’ve seen Christians withhold tithes because of leadership initiatives, wrong carpet decisions, pastor’s clothing choices, musical taste differences, and a plethora of weird church world complaints that go on and on and on.  The mantra has been:  “If I get grumpy, my wallet stays lumpy.”

The heart of the matter goes deeper than church inspection scores under 90.  Jesus is really the issue.  His lordship is something we must honestly consider.   There are heart problems underneath it all.  We’ll take a very practical, creative look at this on Sunday.

Additionally, the Apostle Paul writes about the importance of integrity attached to our stewardship.  While it doesn’t take much for many of us to get cranky and yank our giving, there is also the issue of integrity attached to churches or organizations we give to.

How do we offer high levels of integrity at CCC so you can be confident in your Kingdom giving?  We’ll address this on Sunday.   These are all great concepts for us to be wrestling with:  Lordship of Jesus and integrity with stewardship.  We’ll unpack all of this through our study of II Corinthians 8:16-24.

I’m excited to teach.  I’m gonna need several volunteers on stage to help me tell the EPIC story creatively.  The choir will be rockin’ the house.  Wait til you see the Youtube video we found on rock star preachers and their opulent lifestyles.  Now there’s an integrity problem!!

We won’t be going after anyone’s wallet or purse.  (spiritual chill pills ARE now available!)  Please feel great about inviting a friend along.  This will be a very cool gathering for any and all.  Can’t wait…


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