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Tonight is the annual “C3’s Got Talent” talent show (6:30, if you want to come and cheer on next generations).  My son, Michael, will be playing his guitar.  He’s been practicing his brains out.  He’s got his “School of Rock” moves down.  I’m confident Michael will be quite nervous as he hits the big, lonely stage.  Oh the life of a pastor’s kid who wants to be a rock star.

I’ve told Michael he should,  “Go for it!”  I hope he cuts loose and let’s his budding talent flow to the best of his ability and with great fun.   I believe he should soak in this great night, enjoy the love ALL the kids will receive from adults, parents, and grandparents in the seats.  It’s just one of those great seasons and opportunities a kid should take full advantage of.  I don’t want Michael to miss or take for granted such a cool, cool thing.  He’ll remember this one for a very long time.

I also get the sense we’re in a very opportunistic season at CCC RIGHT NOW.  Please don’t miss it.  Our “Haplotes” generosity study of II Corinthians 8 & 9 took us powerfully into giving ourselves away at a grand F.I.A. Sunday last week.  Click here to be inspired (again) by this!

Now we’re coming to Palm Sunday with a Messianic Jewish rabbi teaching us through the powerful, significant meanings attached to Passover and the Lord’s Supper.  You will not want to miss David Zauber’s terrific insight into the bread, the cup, and the distinctively Jewish tenets attached to it all.  Take full advantage of our gatherings this Sunday at 8:30 and 10:30.

Tabitha’s Heart will set up “a day in the life of an India street child” from 3:30 til 7 p.m.   God will use this creative event to open your eyes and enlarge your Kingdom heart.  Click here for more info.

Our 24/7 Holy Week of prayer also begins at 5 p.m. this Sunday.  Wow.  You won’t believe the creative prayer stations.  Your intimate experience with God will be powerful.  You, your family, and your community group should take full and advantage of this.  Click here to sign up.  There are a few slots left.

Our sobering Good Friday service will grab your heart at 7 p.m.  Easter and a grand celebration of Jesus’ resurrection is incomplete without a proper perspective as to what happened on a very cruel cross.  Please invite a friend to share this.

And on Easter Sunday… we’ll have a grand celebration of dance, spoken word, choir, rockin’ music, baptisms, and a message of life and hope from Mark  6:30-44.  Begin praying about whom God can bring along with you for a very special Sunday.

I hope you understand my heart here.  I trust you see why this is such a great season at CCC to take full and absolute advantage of.  Your soul and the lives of those around you will be nurtured.  You’ll remember this season for a very long time.



FIA Weekly Giving | 03/17/13


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