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My glasses broke last week.  With no warning nor neglect on my part, the right arm of my spectacles simply fell off.  I assumed I could quickly get my frames fixed at my local optometry office.

Nope.  Eye frames are discontinued every 1-2 years, and my prescription lens would not fit any current frames.  My cynical olfactory sensed a scam which my Visa card would minutes later confirm.

In order to see again, I had to:  1) have an updated eye exam;  2) get a new prescription for a newly developed stigmatism;  3) select new frames;  4) and pay out the whazoo to gain my vision back with a new pair of glasses.  The price you pay and the work required to see can be quite stunning.

Ironically enough, this Sunday we’re beginning two weeks of focusing on vision.  One of the wisest men who ever lived once said, “Where there is no vision, the people will perish.”

Are you able to see what the vision of Jesus’ church should be?  When was the last time you had an eye exam as to why you even go to church?  Need a new prescription?  Some believers have developed such a stigmatism of what they want in their church, that the actual Biblical vision gets cloudy.  Are you willing to pay the price and do the work of seeing God’s vision for His church?  Will you decide to be a part of it all?

On Sunday we’ll be taking a dive into Acts 2:37-47.  The initial church in the first-century had tremendous vision, and as a result experienced unbelievable power and transformation.  How do the basic components of this powerful Acts 2 church compare to what we’re doing at CCC?

I’m excited to be teaching vision these next two weeks.  I think we’ll all see a decided determination for Biblical vision to unfold at Cumberland.  You’ll also see details of how you can be a vital part of it all.  Seeing is so incredibly important.  Without vision we, at the very least, stumble and bump into things.  At the very most we perish.   This Sunday and February 3rd will be critical Sundays for the Kingdom at Cumberland.  I trust you’ll do everything you can to be with us… and bring a friend.

Our gathering this Sunday will be powerful.  There’s a lot at stake.  SEE you then.  Bring your glasses…


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