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I rushed to my early morning breakfast.  The meeting was awesome, but I talked the poor guys leg right off — right there in Panera.  My friend from Indiana flew into the Kennesaw airport, and I picked him up at 10:45.  I barely made it to my lunch appointment where my Georgia friend met my Indiana friend.  We talked, again, for way too long.  It’s now 2 p.m., and my weekly (usually morning) email is way too late.

Are you offended by my lateness?  I’m offended by my own lateness!  I have a secretary waiting on me.  It’s not that I think people are waiting on pins and needles to get my dynamic email.  It’s just that I’m late, and I really hate to disappoint or offend anyone.   Sorry!!

What does it mean when we don’t offend anyone?  What does it mean when we offend everyone?  Has Jesus ever offended you?  Many people have been.  Jesus once said that we are blessed if we don’t take offense because of Him, AND… he is very nondiscriminatory in offending.  Jesus knows how the world hates him.   Many and most are offended.  What about you?

But then there are those who claim to be disciples.  Sold-out Jesus followers have made Jesus more than just Savior.  They live as though Jesus were also Lord and Master.  They’re not offended.  They are unashamed of the EPIC Gospel.

Which are you?  Disciple?  Offended.  One renders you powerless.  The other draws you into His EPIC story.

On Sunday we’ll be looking at the difference.  We’re diving into Mark 6:1-13.  You should definitely look ahead and prepare for this one.   Wear steel-toed shoes.  I will be (along with my Falcons jersey, of course).

I’m excited to gather again and teach.  There is a palpable sense of hunger and passion within our community.  God is moving and stirring.  Don’t miss out.  Bring a friend.


 p.s. –  ONE ADDITIONAL NOTE…  Because of growth, we are being forced to limit the size of our preschool kids classes on Sunday mornings (especially during the 10:30 service).  Please click here to see our new standards.  WE HAVE PLENTY OF ROOM FOR YOUR KIDS AT 8:30!!  If you are able to switch to 8:30, would you help us?  AND… we can always use more adult volunteers.  Please consider serving one service, and then worshipping in the other.  THANK YOU FOR YOUR HELP AND UNDERSTANDING.    

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