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Last night was a long night.  Michael came home from school yesterday and suddenly turned sour.  He was siiiick.  Michael hugged porcelain most of the night.  Not even an ounce of Gatorade would remain in his quickly dehydrating 5th grade body.

Of course, you do what you have to do as a parent.  We tried tea, ginger, peppermint candy, mint gum, ice, crackers, and the aforementioned power of Gatorade electrolytes.  Nothing.  This didn’t bode well for the dose of sleep Sherry and I grew to need.

We prayed.  Still nothing.

Now this morning, Michael is finally resting.  Sherry and I need to, and the prayers FINALLY seem to have kicked in and worked.  Do you ever wonder why God delays?  Why didn’t God just immediately snap his fingers and exorcise the rogue stomach bug from Michael’s gastrointestinal battle?

What do you do when God seems to be in delay mode?  One African spiritual song declares, “God may not come when you call Him, but He’ll be there right on time.”  Do you believe this?  What about when God doesn’t come through… even in the midnight (or in our case, 3 a.m.) hour?  Where’s Superman when you really need him?

I sat on the nursery room floor with a Colorado couple whose baby had died from SIDS during the still, quiet night.  Where was God then?  It would seem God wasn’t late, but instead never showed up.  How DO you make sense of this?

On Sunday we’ll be taking a practical look at two stories of one God with bad timing.  It’s all found in Mark 5:21-43.  Are you desperate for God to move in your marriage, job, finances, relationships, health, family, or hard circumstances?  I think you should come with a friend on Sunday.  Has God let you down with his delay or seeming “no show?”  Please come to our gathering on Sunday.  I believe God will move and stir in ways you won’t want to miss.

 ONE ADDITIONAL NOTE…  Because of growth, we are being forced to limit the size of our preschool kids classes on Sunday mornings (especially during the 10:30 service).  Please click here to see our new standards.  WE HAVE PLENTY OF ROOM FOR YOUR KIDS AT 8:30!!  If you are able to switch to 8:30, would you help us?  AND… we can always use more adult volunteers.  Please consider serving one service, and then worshipping in the other.  THANK YOU FOR YOUR HELP AND UNDERSTANDING.

 I’m anxious to teach and see you all on Sunday.


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