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I had a really great holiday season.  I enjoyed the music, the lights, the travel to Indiana, family, down time, giving, my wife & kids, and even the food which certainly removed years from my lifespan.  It just was all good.  I am a very blessed man.

The upside of my holidays were nothing short of a “10” on the holiday happiness meter for this pastor.  I’m not sure my “10” is the real goal of Christmas, but it certainly was a cool result.

And now the downside begins.  We’ve delayed taking down the tree and lights just because.  We’ve nibbled down the final bowl of our Chex party mix.  From the looks of things, the final Christmas cards have finished trickling through our mailbox.  School will soon start for Sherry and the younger kids.  College gets underway next week and will steal away my older two.  Ugh.  The holidays are over.  Sigh.

For some, the real downside of the holidays happens when the credit card bills (isn’t it ironic these are called STATEMENTS!?) begin to roll in.  The upside of Christmas was giving and seeing bright eyes unwrapping thoughtful gifts.  The downside is paying for it all.  Ugh.

This Sunday we’re going to talk about giving, stewardship, and money.  It’s a timely and appropriate topic for us.  Some will see this as a part of the downside of Christmas in the rearview mirror.  Others, however, see it as the upside of a new year.  Many who understand the upside-down Kingdom, know giving ourselves away is exactly how we’re infused with life in a new year.  Perhaps giving and stewardship is one of the most significant, transformative, and smart resolutions one can make as we plow into 2013.

Let’s be clear here.  We’re still not going to come after anyone’s wallet or purse.  I think you know us better than that.  We’re still placing Jesus as the center focal point.  But… we will teach.  We will always challenge and creatively dive into the Word of God as our foundation of authority.  Jesus dealt with stewardship and giving and money often.  I wonder if he approached the unveiling of a new year with challenges of engaging a bigger,  EPIC gospel through giving.  What do you think?

I’ll be anxious to meet with everyone this coming Sunday.  It’s a new year.  The vision God is unfolding at CCC is incredible, and I can’t wait to roll it all out on January 27 and February 3.  Let’s come together on this first Sunday of 2013 with a challenge that will serve us and the Kingdom well as God moves through and with us.  See you on Sunday… and you CAN bring a friend this week!!


p.s. – Don’t forget our Financial Peace University class starts on Monday, January 7th … here at the church.  Please let us know if you’d like to attend.

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