ABCs May Not Be As Easy As…

This Sunday we’ll kick off a new three-week series called “The ABCs of Community.” I’m excited to begin the new year by pointing folks to the necessity and power of community – to Life Groups!

We’ll start by focusing on ‘A’—Accountability—and then trek towards ‘B’ for Belonging and ‘C’ for Care. They’re not as easy to live out as they are to write about.

I’m mindful of how very much we need accountability. Can you imagine a football game without any accountability to the rules or referees? An HOA purpose would be completely useless if accountability weren’t a factor. Parenting would be a nightmare without any accountability – and kids without accountability are usually a mess.

Musicians are held to a strict code of accountability. A G flat is a G flat. Artists are held accountable to the rules of music, and because of their discipline they make wonderful music. Our doctors prescribe and heal partly because they have studied and sworn to a strict oath of accountability. Our government is held accountable for our safety and well-being. Remember that the next time you drive across a bridge.

We really can’t live without accountability. Why would we want to?

Why would we try to live out our faith in Jesus without it? Why would we want to?

Over the years, I’ve watched people discover their need for accountability in reactionary ways, when it’s often too late. You need community and accountability BEFORE an urgent problem arises. For example, afamily thrust into marital, financial, or health struggles may have to go it alone if they’ve not proactively put relational accountability into their lives. A pastor just can’t handle his congregants’ many crises alone – nor is he called to do so.

Conversely, a family that does have accountability in their lives likely has support and family to help them through difficult circumstances. The body of Christ composes a beautiful symphony when we are in it together, but that harmony requires accountability.

We really can’t live without accountability.

Want some?

On Sunday we’ll be diving into 1 Corinthians 6:19-20, John 15:5, and James 1:23. We’ll also take a fast look at the many “one anothers” in the New Testament.

What if your new year’s resolution was to make sure you have Gospel community… accountability… in your life? Wow. By the end of 2017, your life would be transformed. I guarantee it (or your money back)!


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