‘B’ Is For Belonging

Take a guess at what I’m describing.

It’s a place where people gather regularly. Cover charges are minimal.

The people are all very similar. Specific needs are met at this place.

If needs aren’t met, people move on quickly to another similar place. There are many such places.

Self-realization is the goal.

Lights, sound, and music with a full band enable folks to escape and get lost.

All details are designed to make people feel comfortable.

Do you have a guess? What if I gave you two options? Am I describing a church or a club?
What’s the difference between the two? We should figure this out.

On Sunday, we’ll continue our three-week series called “The ABCs of Community.” This week, we’ll talk about ‘B’—“belonging.” Because we are a church and not just a place, we preach the Gospel of Jesus, and people and belonging are key components of that gospel. Belonging to the body of Christ is part of the hard work of the Kingdom enabled and empowered by Jesus.

Are you willing to explore what belonging is really about? It’s the difference between a church’s being a club or a real-deal church. If we get this belonging idea right, we get so much right. When belonging is working well in the church, the church is a wondrous thing. Without it, the church becomes a horrible, exhausting, and frustrating club.

If you’ve have bad experiences at such clubs and are thinking about never darkening the doors of a church again, come Sunday and see how the church is really supposed to work. Belonging brings maturity, growth, and stability. Interested? Tired of clubbing? See you Sunday.

I’m excited to teach through Ephesians 4:11-16. Belonging. See you at 9:00 or 11:00 a.m.

AND… make sure you’ve signed up for one of our MERGE classes. It all starts THIS SUNDAY night! CLICK HERE to register.


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