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Our oldest daughter, Brooklynn, gets married in 36 days… and 15 painful hours. I can’t imagine how I’ll be feeling when the wedding is about to start, and my baby girl is only minutes away from not being mine anymore. I’m thinking about a smokin’ bribe to get her to escape to Six Flags with me in that exact moment.

Our son, Michael (who is all of and text book thirteen), asked Brooklynn why she was packing up so soon. Michael’s voice cracked and said, “You’ve got a whole month before you’re leaving.”

That one stung. You’ve got a whole month before you’re leaving. 30 days. A mere one-twelfth of a lonely, insignificant year. It caused a prolonged soul pause. Sherry and I have been having many of these lately. We tend to ask questions in those moments. “Did we do all we could to raise her? Have we spent enough time with her? Could our investment in her been more and better? Does she like us? WERE WE GOOD PARENTS??”

Questions have a way of cutting through the crap of life. Really good questions cause even more questions marking your quota of life or lack thereof.

Where am I in life? Who do I listen to? What have I done? Those are the biggies. Where am I as a dad with one month to go? Who have I listened to for parental advice? What have I done with the 23 years God gave me with Brook? Geesh. Weddings suck. 

However, if I allow these questions room to do their painful surgery, they turn me to eventual good places. There’s resolve and peace to be found within those questions. If for nothing more than I’ve got three more kiddos to NOT screw up!

God asks hefty questions. Have you read Job 38, 39, 40, and 41? His questions tend to turn us… either away or towards Him.

On Sunday, we’re exploring three of His biggies. Where are you? Who have you listened to? What have you done?

Think you have the fortitude to consider such poignant inquiry? If you do, you’ll find life. I promise you that. You should bring a friend with you. I wonder how long it’s been since they’ve wrestled with questions beyond their Candy Crush score? God’s questions can turn them too… towards life. Truth is, we all need confronted with God’s questions. They’re the stuff of grace. Who doesn’t need that? But THAT is just another question.

I’m excited to teach Genesis 3:9-13. See you at 9 & 11. God will do powerful things as we gather. Come early and be a real part of the gathering of real people.



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