a glimpse towards Sunday 8.29.14

Can the glow of a Facebook page cause discontentment? There are pictures of people traveling to exotic places, status updates touting new relationships, folks eating at yummy eateries, and emoticons as billboards for happiness beyond words. Could too many late night thumbs up “likes” begin to tear into our own substance and satisfaction?

Researchers at the University of Missouri say we’re likely to experience “negative relationship outcomes such as cheating, breakup, and divorce” if we check our Facebook walls once an hour or more. Yikes.

Jim Denison writes, “Social networking reminds people of what they’re missing, whether it’s a better vacation or a more appealing spouse.”


Are we really THAT discontent? Am I?

Isn’t this really what we’ve been talking about in Genesis 3? Doesn’t this lack of contentment come from the whispered lies of Satan? The same lies befallen Eve, are still dogging us today. At the very heart of all our struggles and sin is this: GOD IS NOT GOOD. For most, Satan’s work is not to convince God is dead. Prodding us to explore and keep options open because God is not good … is our Adversary’s most effective work. Ever wonder why Satan’s lies are so ding dang successful? How do we escape this marketing of discontent?

Let’s talk on Sunday. We’re looking at two verses. Genesis 3:8-9. There will be an 80 foot challenge. You’ll meet Danny & Allison Diaz. The band will be rockin’ with a string section. This will be a great, holiday weekend gathering to bring a friend or two. I’m excited to be teaching. I’ll look forward to seeing you at 9 and 11 a.m.


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