a glimpse towards Sunday 9.12.14

Do you ever have the need to enlarge God? Sometimes I can let my circumstances, the whispering lies of Satan, and my own version of self-discovered greatness make God seem small. So often, the need to glorify, magnify, and enlarge God becomes a very necessary exercise.

How does one enlarge God?

Each year on study break, I pull out Gungor’s song, “We Will Run,” stick my chair deep into the Oceanside sand, plug my ear buds into my wandering head, and beg the lyrics to take me away like a huge tidal wave. Year after year, God uses this great song to remind me of the brokenness I have unknowingly given permission to reduce God.

The song is contemplative on our plight with Satan’s curse, God’s gracious plan to save, and the hope we have in a renewed heaven and earth. Gungor’s song is a desperate shout of our need to run back to a very large God.

The song is nine and a half minutes long. With four minutes remaining and the vocalized lyrics finished, this piece of poetry moves into deeper waters with an epic, gigantic, large musical interlude. This is exactly where my small world dissipates into the glory, weight, and significance of a large God. He has always been large; I’m simply and profoundly reminded of His cosmic significance within a glorious four minutes. The choreography of waves mixed with transcendent music has powerfully allowed me to decrease while God increases. I’m able to ascribe glory due, and I so need this.

How big is your God on this Friday? We can reduce Him by what we want and expect from Him. In our hearts, we can shrink the Almighty when lesser gods try to fill voids only Yahweh can. And BTW… how did that go for you?

This Sunday… here’s the stated goal: Everyone coming in to CCC will leave with a large perspective on God. We’ll be studying through Genesis 3:14-20. It’s a passage many use to prove the smallness and meanness of our God. We’ll show otherwise.

Bring a friend. I’m betting small gods and limited perspectives will be thirsty to gander at a large, life-size portrait of the One True God. I’m betting there are marriages needing a big God because spouses make horrible little ones. I’m banking there are lonely, hurting, successful people needing a God larger than what has been undone or accomplished. I know God will bring together desperate folks needing a gracious, BIG God.

I’m excited to teach. Hope you’ll come a bit early to enjoy the gathering of Jesus followers. Well have a big, rockin’ choir to prompt our enlarging of God. That is, after all, what worship is all about. Enlarging God. See you Sunday… 9 & 11 a.m.


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