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Sometimes there’s just a lot going on at CCC.  Here’s just a sampling:  Discipleship training; Community Groups;  Father’s Day F.I.A.;  VBX;  Student Ministries; and restoration ministries which include food, clothing, child development, counseling, computer skills training.  Whew.  It makes me tired just typing the list.

And then… as if God didn’t notice all the good we’re trying to do… we’re told to deny ourselves.  We’re commanded to lose our lives.  We taught to pick up our own crosses stemming from a broken world, and follow Jesus.   Somewhere grace needs some airtime as “read your Bible,” “go to church,” and “tithe” seem to always pound us into submission.

Tired yet?  I haven’t even mentioned your job, family, or yard with horrendous weed issues.  Good thing it’s summer and you can get that vacation in.

Do you think Jesus’ closest friends ever got tired?  Did the disciples grow weary from doing good and being Christians?  Did Jesus express exhaustion?  Some would balk at the mere suggestion our Lord growing a bit weary.  After all, He’s the Son of God!  But… Jesus did grow tired, and maybe even a little cranky (I’ll show you this on Sunday).

I’m anxious to teach on Sunday.  We need the hope and motivation that is Mark 9:1-29.  There’s so much at stake these days in the part of God’s Kingdom we call Cumberland.  We must carry on.  We can’t grow weary in doing good.  We must do as Jesus and His disciples did to gain strength, endurance, and sustained passion for the gospel.

On Sunday, I will show you what Jesus and his friends did when exhaustion hit.  When Kingdom overwhelmed-ness slowed progress, a specific strategy was employed to keep the fires stoked.  We need this one, Cumberland.   Bring a tired friend as well.

I’m anxious to gather with you on Sunday.  I’m excited, as always, to teach.  Our new service times are 9 & 11 a.m.  We’ll have vision tours after the 11 a.m. service.  We’re getting ready for our big Father’s Day Faith In Action Sunday!  Please watch this two minute video to get ready and then get registered by clicking Here!



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