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Sherry so enjoys her summer off from being a teacher’s assistant throughout the year.  She loves her time at home with the kids.  She loves our summer excursions, but also creates quite a list of to-dos while she’s “not working.”  There are basement projects, bedroom projects, painting projects, and fun/family projects on her radar.  It’s a great time… but there’s also a lot to be done.

This Saturday and Sunday represents not just another lazy summer weekend, but also Father’s Day.  It’s such a great time to enjoy, but there’s also a lot to be done — especially around the Kingdom gathering place we call Cumberland.

Our restoration ministry initiatives are really coming together with food, clothing, child development, job skills readiness, and mental health care ideas coming to a wonderful fruition.  However, walls need knocked out and built up.  Carpet needs pulled up.  Walls need painting.  Our basement needs more clearing.  The auditorium needs some attention.  Our parking lot and landscaping needs a tremendous amount of work done.  AND… our timing for everything is critical.

We needed to get after everything immediately following the ACCA school’s departure.  That time is now.  In order for us to be up and running by the start of school and launched at our back-to-school F.I.A., the time is now.

I am fully aware that Dad’s Day potentially means sleeping in, playing a round of golf, and grilling out.  I get that.  However, we’re calling dads and families to delay relaxing just a bit, and give first before they sit back and soak in a great holiday.

We need YOU this Saturday from 8:00am til noon, and/or this Sunday from 8:00am til noon.  Please register by clicking here.

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Hey… it IS Father’s Day weekend, so we also intend to have a lot of fun.  On Sunday — Five star chef, Eric Mulville, will be preparing awesome pulled pork platters for lunch.  Paces Mountain Band will also be performing live music for proper southern digestion.  We’ll all get to talk, hang out and serve the Kingdom together.  It will be such a great time, but with a lot to be done as well.  I believe to the level we sacrifice this weekend, will be the level of Kingdom satisfaction will have as we fall to sleep on Father’s Day night.  A small taste of the Father’s “well done” will sink you deeper in to your beckoning pillow.  That may be the best Father’s Day gift yet.

Will you join Sherry, my family, and me as we tangibly jump into the larger gospel story of restoration by serving this weekend?  For those hard-to-convince holdouts… what’s it gonna take?  If I grilled out just for you at my house while you’re sipping on a glass of lemonade later that evening on Father’s Day — would that get you to our F.I.A.?  Let me know duuuude.



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