a glimpse towards Sunday 5.31.13


Have you ever seen someone completely misuse something?  My son tries to golf with his baseball bat.  My daughter puts a diaper on her baby doll’s head and calls it a hat.  I microwave eggs (don’t knock it until you try it).  If one has never seen the intended use of something, it makes sense how one could misuse it.  Right?

What if we have been misusing “discipleship?”  Could it be that there is an intended use of discipleship, and perhaps we’ve not seen the intended use or purpose of it… and therefore it is awkward when we attempt?

Discipleship is a big thing to try and tackle.  We aren’t going to try and tackle it – but we are going to try to give a basic definition of it and perhaps understand its proper use.

I’m looking forward to sharing my heart and some thoughts that God’s given us. PLEASE REMEMBER THAT THIS WEEK WE BEGIN OUR NEW SERVICE TIMES: 9:00AM AND 11:00AM

Joe Braun – Community Groups Pastor

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