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My college roommate was horrific.  Horrendous.  Awful.  For one solid year he afforded me little than sleep deprivation.  Matt was a professional snorer.  Long hours through the night forced me to cough loudly and wildly to push for silence.  To no avail, I would throw wadded Kleenex at his lousy face.  By morning, a fluffy mound of white surrounded my “friend.”

That same snoring monster went on to receive advanced preaching awards in Bible college.  Matt married Sara, and together they launched into significant areas of sold-out ministry some 28 years ago.

Recently, Matt completed a church plant in Charlotte, N.C. where he led for seven masterful years.  He developed a younger leader.   Matt literally and gloriously handed the mantle of church leadership to this young pastor.   Incredible.

With a healthy church plant in their rearview mirror, Matt and Sara began praying for God to send them to a dark, desperate place for yet another church plant.  Within the next few weeks, Matt and Sara will be moving to Jackson, Mississippi to elevate the bride of Christ in the darkness, desperation of an off-the-radar place of 500,000+.  Incredible.

THAT is an act of obedience.  THAT is an act of faith.  When Matt talks about faith, his actions have proven over and over again he really knows what he’s talking about.

This Sunday, Matt will be speaking at CCC on faith.  What a great opportunity for Cumberland to be challenged in our faith from a tremendous man  and leader of faith.  It’s a holiday weekend, but take the time between grillings for your faith to breathe, be stretched, and grow by gathering this Sunday at 8:30 or 10:30.

Matt was a horrible, snoring roommate, but he’s a great, Godly man of faith.   You will want to hear his story and challenge.  You will want to bring a friend to share this with.  (I’m confident and a bit weary he’ll be telling stories on me that I’ve previously paid him not to.)



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