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I met with a savvy businessman this week. We had a power breakfast. I had watermelon, cantaloupe, and black coffee. He threw down two eggs, toast, kielbasa sausage and black coffee. It wasn’t so much about the food as it was the possibilities brought to the table. His energy and focus created an extremely attractive synergy I like. With no lack of vision, this high achiever sees a preferred future where intentional social engineering will lend itself to sustainable gospel fruit reaching into next generations.

All said, this guy has a plan. He’s being incredibly active and proactive in creating a new model for ministry and business. The cost will be high; the risk even greater. The payoff only God will determine. My best guess is HUGE! I’m hoping to weasel my way into it all. When someone creates with purpose and vision, you want to join in.

When someone sets out to create something, that’s a cool thing. When that something has vision and purpose and significant meaning, it’s a site to behold and remember.

In Genesis chapter two, God creates man. It’s all such a cool thing, and out of dirt, no less. Imagine that. Seriously. Imagine that! When you consider the vision, purpose, and meaning behind it all — it’s a glorious thing to behold and participate in. Aren’t you glad you can do exactly that? Participate. Pursue purpose. Live out meaning and significance.

How’s your own vision and purpose and meaning going these days.? Some see it; most don’t. Some have it; far too many mourn it. God created us with a preferred future where intentional social engineering would lend itself to significant gospel fruit reaching across generational lines and affecting eternities.

All said, God has a plan. He made you, and hopes the synergy created will be attractive enough for you to join in and be a part of it all.

On Sunday… we’ll be working our way through Genesis 2:4-7. Come see the plan. The purpose. The vision. God. His energy and focus for YOU, is nothing short of amazing. Bring a friend. It’s going to be a great Sunday.

And BTW… if you’re new and have never taken our CCC 101 class, I’ll be teaching on June 13 & 14.  You can get more info and sign up by CLICKING HERE.




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