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Sherry has been purging our basement. For the past several weeks she has been filling up the trash bins and taking schhtufff to the garage in preparation for a big garage sale.

Today is the day. Signs are up, and our driveway is lined with stuff we don’t want, but hope other people will pay money for. J It’s funny how this works. Eventually when there’s leftover schhtuff even garage sale scavengers don’t want, we’ll give it away to the American Kidney Foundation. Somehow our unwanted things can miraculously benefit people, who at differing levels, struggle with their kidneys. Hmmm.

garage sale

As I look over our hopefully ticketed items, I think to myself, “We paid a lot of money for this schhtuff. I worked hard to afford all of this!” And then this thought comes, “Why did I work so hard?” You ever have that one sneak into your head?

Why DO we work so hard and affect so little? Is it to afford stuff? Does working hard gain us success? Some 70% of Americans hate their jobs. Maybe its because hours spent working eventually pay for garage sale stuff. Isn’t that exactly how one defines futility? There’s something about our broken perspective of work, which feels a lot like digging holes to only fill them back up again. Meaningless. Depressing. Laborious. Work, for many, has become a means to a bad end. This can be true sitting high atop the corporate ladder, or gutting it out on the bottom rung of a manual labor prison.

What did God intend for work to be? Work was a part of God and his creation before the fall. Work is good, but has become severely broken. Think about this: Is there a direct correlation between our disdain for work and the church’s inability to effectively change culture? Scratch your head and chin on that one!

This Sunday is Father’s Day. What a great day for all to cherish! Men and dads are good at work. Cultivators and problem solvers we men are. However, so many only eek out a living, while few find life when it comes to work. This Sunday, we’ll be unpacking (perhaps for the first time), a theology of work. We will be celebrating men and dads — and not beating them up. We’ll be challenging everyone… but especially men… to regain God’s idea and life-giving blessing of work.

I am very excited to be teaching through Genesis 2:7-15. You should take an advanced look to prepare. In the end, you’ll see we all need a little more CPG. Come Sunday to find out what THAT’S all about!

Bring a friend ya’ll. Get to CCC early to enjoy people and coffee (the best part of our gatherings). Summer is a great time around Cumberland. God continues to move as we gather and then scatter to help Jesus bring the Kingdom beyond our walls.

See you soon… 9 & 11 a.m. on Sunday morning!


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