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When my daughter, Morgan, was 2-3 years old, I put her to the test. It was the dreaded marshmallow test. You’ve probably heard of such tortuous parenting techniques.

With a hidden video camera, we placed Morgan in a room all by herself. She was sitting in a little person’s chair at a little person’s table. On the table sat a beautiful piece of china with 5 marshmallows.

I told my little red-headed monster, “Morgan, if you wait and DON’T eat these marshmallows, you’ll get a whole bag. If you don’t touch these five marshmallows on your plate… if you wait… then you’ll get a whole lot more.” With that I left the room to capture magic on video.

What we saw was little Morgan licking her lips like Wylie Coyote seeing The Road Runner with a broken leg. Morgan wrung her hands. She began writing and singing a song that went something like: “I’m not gonna eat these marshmallows, these marshmallows, these marshmallows…” It was quite funny, precious — and some may say, “JUST WRONG!”

Why would a dad put any kid to such an evil test? Relationship would define rather or not said test was unfair. For those who carry dad wounds, such testing seems like par for the course.

On Sunday, we’re looking at Genesis 2:15-17. God placed one tree in a beautiful garden, and told Adam and Eve not to touch. It was the tree of knowledge of good and evil. If they didn’t eat the fruit of this one tree, a whole bag of life and wonderment awaited. If they did, death would begin it’s ugly toll.

What’s your gut on this test? Seem unfair? Does it fall in line with how your dad treated you? Any chance there’s good and grace and love in such a test? Wouldn’t the relationship between the Creator and his creation determine whether or not the tree test was tortuous or a thing of love?

I’m excited to gather with you on Sunday and teach. Many still eat of the tree of knowledge of good and evil. But… there’s another tree that rescues us. May all who gather at Cumberland this Sunday find rest and shade in the other tree.

I trust you’re enjoying summer. I pray you’re feeling God’s grace and smile on your life. May His authority and freedom elicit a response of love from your life. May you taste and see God’s goodness like you were a little kid given a whole bag of marshmallows!



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