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Officially summer does not arrive until the day after my second-born turns 20… on June 21st. Did you follow that?

However… in Atlanta, summer often comes well before it’s designated Northern Hemisphere solstice at 6:51 a.m. on the twenty-first day of the six month. Did you follow that?

Bottom line: summer is here. On my day off, I love to soak in these warm southern days with an early cup of coffee while reading, thinking, and praying on the back deck. The peace and rest afforded causes chill bumps; grateful, closed eyes take in the sun and gentle breeze. In fact, the amount of chill bumps (known as goose up north) created on such mornings are directly linked to the amount of rest and peace needed within the soul. Did you follow that?

Don’t you need some chill bumps? Wouldn’t some rest do your soul good?

I’ve sat at a traffic light, and watched the oncoming eyes of Monday morning travelers turning left in front of me. With each set of passing eyes, the deflected message is: “I’m tired. Purpose has been lost in drudgery. There’s no light or rest at any hoped for tunnel.” Those eyes seem to be screaming, “I live for the weekend and my weekend sucked.” The life Jesus offers is so much more, and sometimes it includes gracious chill bumps.

God knew our propensity for speed and labor. The fast and harder we live, the more important we feel. One writer concedes, “We must ruthlessly eliminate hurry or die.”

But God built into the rhythm of creation a day of rest. Chill bumps were His idea. Pay attention to his rhythm, and life is bearable. Violate Sabbath principles, and purposeless eyes are filling Atlanta traffic with monotony.

On Sunday we’ll be taking a look at Genesis 2:1-3. This is day seven of creation. God created chill bumps. A tireless God created a wonderful gift for the tired. Need some rest? Chill bumps been too infrequent or maybe even absent? Let’s gather Sunday to swim in the tension of our fast-paced world and God’s gracious command to slow. At stake is the health of your soul. At stake are people around you who need a model of thriving and not mere surviving. I hope you’ll follow that.

I’ll be anxious to see you and gather this Sunday — 9 & 11 a.m. May God grant you a few chill bumps in the meantime.



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