a glimpse towards Sunday 5.23.14

All this week, at around 10 o’clock at night… I’ve found myself saying, “Idiots!”

Sometimes the late night news is slow. A north Georgia good ‘ole boy got his homemade wheel barrow car stuck in I-285 traffic when the motor on said wheel barrow contraption couldn’t keep up with the speed demands of the big city. When the lead, breaking news story is such, you know it’s a slow news day.

This week was different. On Monday night it was a double murder of two girls shot seemingly at random. A neighbor commented, “There’s just no value of life anymore.” A local doctor is on the run for child molestation charges. Last night, an elderly woman was struggling after a gunshot came ringing through her assisted living apartment. A police officer offered his thoughts: “We just have to get certain knuckleheads off the streets that have no moral compass.” Idiots.

Sometimes I wonder if the heavy news days point to the effects of our cultures two biggest lies: 1. We are random matter with little significance. 2. Truth is relative.
The consequences of such lies would point to life having little value and folks having no moral compass. It’s the stuff keeping slow news days from becoming more frequent.

On Sunday, we’ll work together to see the book of Genesis provide practical answers to my cry of, “Idiots!” It boils down to an imago Dei thing. It’s a btzelem elohim conundrum. Don’t know what that means? Let’s get together on this glorious holiday weekend to study and apply Genesis 1:24-31. It’s day six of creation. It was a very good day. I’m pumped to teach through this.

And BTW… my bemoaning use of “idiots” points to the same imago Dei problem within me. You might have symptoms of the same problem within your own soul. It’s the stuff of road rage and thumbing our noses at idiot DMV workers. Hanging up others on a judgmental hook actually points to our own. We can swim in and fuel our lives with the 10 o’clock news, or we can look to our creative Creator for solutions. Let’s do the later. Let’s figure out how.

Hope to see you this coming Sunday. Wear shorts. It’s summer, baby! And… if the person’s legs sitting next to you need a bit of summer sun, don’t say, “Idiot!” You’ll understand why after we wash ourselves with God’s Word.

Bring a friend! We’ll be gathering to scatter at 9 & 11 a.m. See YA’LL then (maybe I’m the good ‘ole boy with the sporty wheel barrow).



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