a glimpse towards Sunday 5.16.14


What a killer morning and afternoon. Whew. It’s just been one of those weeks. You too? ☺

And… I’m just getting information about the horrific tragedy of a Campbell High School student committing suicide because of bullying. My heart is sad. So many identities are being robbed from what God intended.

At lunch I spoke with a couple who had been in chains from identities inherited from a broken past and heritage. The husband kept walls high because he didn’t know how to love and manage the risk that comes with love. A wife mourned her years of dodging deep emotion with entitlements and success.

Beyond the free lunch at the OK Café, the good news was how this couple had found a greater identity in Christ. Their marriage and kids had taken a decided uptick because of Jesus informing their very souls, image, and identities.

When you lose your life, you’ll find it. When you dump your broken identity and live out your chosen, redeemed adopted identity of Jesus, you’ll find life.

So many things compete to inform and form our identities. Achievements. Doing good. What other people think. Success. Failure. Media. Magazines… and bullies.

What shapes your identity these days? What shapes your kid’s? Do you know? Did you know Genesis can help shape our identities in amazing, life-transforming ways? On Sunday we’re looking closely at Genesis 1:20-23. It’s day five of creation.

Come bask in the glory of your identity in Christ. The one who created, placed, and named the stars — knows you. He knows your name. He knows you’re every struggle… and He hears you. THAT’S what an identity in Christ will do for you.

On this day, be liberal with your hugs — especially the ones saved up for your teenager. Then come Sunday, load up those you love and those who are hurting… and let’s gather. At 9 & 11 a.m., lets gather and set our identities in Christ and in some Holy Spirit cement. The God who made the great sea creatures made us. In His image He made us. HE is our identity. When we lose our old, broken identity, we can find His. When we lose our life, we’ll find it.

Come find it this Sunday.
Blessings Ya’ll… and say a prayer for our teens. Many are hurting.


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