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On this very day some 27 years ago, I married my best friend. Cool, huh? After a year long, fast & furious pursuit, Sherry and I were fully together. After that first date and subsequent first card reading, “Looking forward to being great FRIENDS,” (ugh!!!) the knot was irreversibly tied. Awesome.

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Here’s what’s even cooler. What I’ve learned about this incredible woman is this: Sherry is way more than the sum total of meals cooked each week. Sherry is absolutely greater than the piles of laundry tackled over the years.

My wife is a woman greater than the massive hours of homework help, financial planning, chauffeuring, or what she may or may not see as she looks into the mirror. Sherry is greater. She’s more.

Sherry brings a healthy dose of God image to our marriage table. She represents exactly what I’m deficient in. Sherry represents God’s gracious hand in my life. Together we reflect a fuller image of our heavenly Father.

Isn’t it interesting that Eve is called the mother of all living BEFORE she had kids. There’s something greater going on here than just being a mom. Eve was more than her 2 a.m. feedings of Cain and Abel. I believe Eve was a critical component to the forward movement of the gospel. She WAS a mom, but she was more.

Sunday is Mother’s Day (and several guys just read that with a gasp and question of how late Target is open). We’re going to celebrate women — all kinds of women. All the single ladies (unless you put a ring on it). Women with kids, and women without. Married. Divorced. YOU all are so much more.

And here’s a little honest truth for you to chew on… I’ve only taught one Mother’s Day during my 8-year tenure at CCC. I’ve always tried to schedule another woman to speak to other women. I was estrogen fearful. What amped up woman on Mother’s Day wants to hear from a man?? But this year, I’m actually pumped to dive into Genesis (3:20-24), and unfold the MORE-ness of all women. I’m excited to teach.

Guys… bring your women to church on Sunday. Come ready to lift, support, and encourage those women around you who are SO MUCH MORE than perhaps you’ve thought. And guys… there’s something in all of this for you too.

Ladies… YOU are greater. Come swim and bask and smile in God’s wonderful design and purpose He’s given YOU. See ya’ll at 9 & 11 a.m.



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