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I watched the iHeart Radio Music Awards last night. The show started with rapper, Pit Bull, announcing, “Everyone that’s here is a who’s who, a what’s what, the anybody’s of all anybody’s.” I was immediately endeared to Mr. Pit Bull, and deeply moved by my obvious insignificance in our scantily clad planet. I wondered if what I was taking in reflected how life really worked.

pit bull

Had I allowed my Thursday night idiot tube viewing to shape squishy perspectives, here’s what my worldview might reflect:
– graphic and casual sexual content is an accepted and hoped for norm
– things are bad, it will never be fixed, embrace it with music
– regular jobs are for losers
– touring and studio work is the really hard, meaningful work of life
– the more bling, the bigger I am than you

Perhaps this is cynical hyperbole, but you get my point. There’s a perpetuated worldview out there, which diminishes our true nature and purpose. Of course, if you believe, like many folks, that we are products of accident and chance, maybe working towards inclusion into Mr. Pit Bull’s circle makes sense. Grab onto as much flash as possible, because your candle burns out after about 77 years — and that’s it. However, if you’re not in the “anybody’s of all anybody’s”… you’ll probably gravitate towards 3-5 daily hours of video games to numb the purposeless pain.

Depressing isn’t it? What if the pinnacle and meaning of life culminated at the iHeart Radio Music Awards? Ugh. The good news is this: That’s NOT how things really work. Cool.

What if an eternal God designed things… us… with great purpose and functionality. What if there really was unique, planned, eternal intentionality for each one of us? Wouldn’t that kind of worldview change our perspective on marriage, money, success, business, play, relationships, leisure time, sin, and more? What if the functionality created by God speaking (the divine fiat) formed how things really worked? What if God’s Word (s) contained precise guidelines as to how things work? Don’t you WANT to know how things really work? Maybe we shouldn’t be looking for instructions from guys named Pit Bull anyhow. ☺

On Sunday we’re taking a challenging look at Genesis 1:14-19. We’ll be continuing our “Eleven” series to gain greater authority of God’s Word by sorting through the first eleven chapters of Genesis. I’m anxious to teach!

If you and your friends want to know how things really work, let’s gather on Sunday. I’m lovin’ this Genesis series, and get excited to share each Sunday. See you at 9 & 11 a.m. at the corner of Spring and Sports Ave. where God continues to move!



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