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Sometime in 2015, stupid human tricks and David Letterman will fade into the late night sunset. Letterman is retiring. Stephen Colbert will take over the Late Night desk and microphone.

While not squeaky clean in his humor and celebrity status, did you know Colbert is a Christian? He teaches a weekly Sunday School class. He has effectively defended Jesus adamantly against Christian critics. When Stephen Colbert was 10, his father and two brothers were killed in a car crash. Colbert’s mother was his primary care giver. Her faith ignited his.

Recently, Colbert said this: “Joy is the most infallible sign of the presence of God.”


With the greatest message in the world, and eternal life now — why do you think joy remains anemic within many believers and churches? Have we settled for something less than a joy-filled, abundant life?

Have we settled to live as slaves forced into a dark redundancy of joylessness? Have we settled for the cheap happiness of sin? Have we settled for the shallow gifts of a house, job, and status, while a more abundant life only taunts and frustrate us? Have we someone allowed grace to be less amazing?

On Sunday we’ll be considering the poetry and music of Genesis 1:9-13. It’s the third day of creation. Within these verses lay hope, life, and promise. Why would we settle for slavery instead?

As you consider the path of your life, have you settled? What would it take to grab onto the brand of life God offers? Together this weekend, let’s dive into some identifying marks of settling and the glorious eternal life offered. If you’ve settled, bring a Bible and pen. If you have a friend mired in muck, bring them with you! Our study of Genesis continues with hope, power, and an awesome focus on Jesus. I can’t wait to teach!

AND… if you’ve never attended our Newcomer’s Lunch, we have one this Sunday after church. If you’d like to sign up, please CLICK HERE!

See you on Sunday… 9 & 11 a.m. God is moving in HIS Church.


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