a glimpse towards Sunday 4.18.14


I need a story greater than my own. Most people do. There’s a story outside myself with a much better plot. Through it, my storyline is made better.

Maybe you’ve noticed how I like to talk about my kids and their story. I don’t focus on my kids to intentionally neglect or void yours. My kids are just my story. They represent the best part of my life’s narrative.

It seems like my four were weaned off of mother’s milk and onto their select instruments. Each of my brood loves music. They’re really good musicians. They continue to work, practice, and play at their musical crafts.

A while back, my three oldest were gaining interest of impressive industry types who liked the unique blend of sisters and Indie rock. Some pretty awesome phone calls, tweets, and emails started to hit our home front. And then… nothing. I had thought maybe God was opening cool, musical doors for my daughters, but so far… nothing. Zip. Nadda (from the urban dictionary: 1. nothing “you got fiddy bucks foo” “naw i aint got nadda”).

For a brief time I wondered why there wasn’t a big contract. Not any more. Because there’s a greater story going on, I’ve concluded God is protecting my kiddos. Perhaps they couldn’t handle a bigger platform. Perhaps I couldn’t. The music industry is a tough road. Maybe God loves my kids too much to put them on that path. Maybe God is waiting and fine-tuning. My faith says, “God’s got this, and He’s got a bigger story for my kids, me, and you.” My story is made better when placed within God’s.

God’s story begins at creation, has tension at the fall, has a climax with redemption, and ends with full restoration. Who wouldn’t want to be a part of that kind of epic story? It’s the stuff of power. It’s the good news of the gospel.

The high point of this grand plot is the resurrection. It’s what makes this story good. It’s what makes the plot epic. The defeat of death by God’s prevailing Son gives HIS greater story credibility and power. The good news and fullness of Jesus gains power with an empty tomb. It’s such a powerful and true story. I want my story to be engulfed by such a bigger plot. Without this, my story lacks resolution and hope. Nothing. Nadda.

Sunday is Easter. Resurrection Sunday. We’ll celebrate the greater story. We’ll focus on the turning point. We’ll find life, hope, and restoration as our story is placed within the wonder of Jesus’.

I’m pumped to gather, worship, celebrate, and dive into the Word. I’m so excited for this special day. I’ll be wearing a suit and tie just to signal elation of the indescribable gift, power, and storyline of the resurrection of our Lord, Jesus Christ. You should bring a friend. You should prepare. Maybe even polish up your shoes. It’s a special day. Your story needs this story to make it better… richer… deeper.

See you on Sunday… 9 & 11 a.m.


P.S. Hope to also see you tonight at our very special Good Friday service. 7 p.m.

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