a glimpse towards Sunday 4.11.14

Details matter. The details of the Oscar Pistorius murder trial in South Africa matter. They matter to the family of victim, Reeva Steenkamp. The details will determine the future for Pistorius. Details matter.

Details inform us. How Sherry loves me, the way our family functions and lives out weekly rhythms, and the many things I attach to my life and lifestyle will tell onlookers who I am. The details of how we live will inform those around us.

Details indicate depth of relationship. Recently our Community Groups Pastor, Joe Braun, and our Outside The Walls Pastor, Rob Irvine, each lost a dear family member. Joe’s mom died just this past week. Rob’s brother, Don, passed away two weeks ago.

I set aside time with both Rob and Joe to hear the details of how their loved one passed. The fine, intricate details point to the depth of relationship. The particulars articulated by Rob and Joe allowed me great insight into depth of relationship.

Sometimes the bigness of something can mask the details. A big celebrity, a huge concert, a massive church gathering; all can potentially hide the details of life and struggle.

In Genesis we see a huge God. We also are pointed to incredible details. The details matter. The details can inform us. The details point to the real depth of relationship offered to each on of us. Some will keep a gigantic God at a great distance. I supposed it’s safe. Such a God may exist in other world religions, but you can’t find a huge God without a personal touch within the pages of the Bible.

I’m so excited to begin this new message series, “Eleven,” from the book of Genesis. In the first eleven chapters of the Bible’s first book, we will see a very large God. We will also see — especially this week — some finely tuned details that indicate the very heart of God towards us.

If you’re struggling, hurting, needing hope, a bit foggy in your outlook, and perhaps swimming in questions … come Sunday to marinate in the marvelous details of an awesome God. We’ll be considering Genesis 1:6-8. Just to get ready, soak in some sky and water. This will be adequate preparation for our gathering! Oh… and see if you can remember what a flannel graph board is! We’re going old school.

AND ONE MORE NOTE… don’t forget to bring your bag of groceries for the “Fill’er Up” Collective food drive. Just leave your bag of food behind your vehicle Sunday, and volunteers will collect the food. THANK YOU for always being so Kingdom generous.

See you Sunday. Let’s do this! 9 & 11 a.m.


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