a glimpse towards Sunday 6.24..16

I like better things. My iphone is better than my old flip phone. My TV is better than the one Sherry and I had when we were first married. My current diet is better than a few years back. My new pillow is better. The new toothbrush Sherry just bought me is better than my old one.


I like better…. Not butter. Most prefer better over butter. Butter is bad for you, better is not.

Unless better consumes you.

I saw a new laptop that is better than the one I have… and now I can only view my current laptop as old and pathetic — kind of like butter.

Throughout the Bible, we have glimpses of better until we finally see the best in Jesus. Jesus is a better Saul. Jesus is a better David. Jesus is a better Solomon. Jesus is a better Josiah. All these men were Biblical kings, but Jesus is the King of Kings.


Jesus is better because he can justify us before our Creator. Jesus’ sufficient work on the cross enables God to view us as better. We are justified freely. If we are submerged into the name, character, and person of Jesus, the Father sees His Son when he sees us. Wow. Justified. Better. We can’t change God’s perspective on who we are, but Jesus can. He’s better.

On Sunday our text will be Romans 3:21-31.

You want better or a mere hydrogenated stick of nasty butter? Will you settle for your own efforts to gain God’s changed perspective, or will you lean into the better way of Jesus?

It will be good to gather. We’ll find God in more of the shadows we live in. We’ll be wrapping up our week of VBX — and wow, what a week it was! Over 300 kids hearing about the better Jesus. The Gospel was clearly heard throughout CCC this week with our amazing week of VBX. On Sunday, you’ll be able to bask in the residual glory of what God has done through VBX this summer at CCC.

It continues to be a great summer at Cumberland. I’ll be looking forward to seeing you and being with you and your friends at CCC on Sunday… 9 & 11 a.m.

We’ll be better for gathering because butter just melts in this crazy heat!

Blessings Ya’ll,


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