a glimpse towards Sunday 7.1.16

I’ve been visiting my dad this week in Ohio. He lives in the same hometown I grew up in. I’ve been driving by houses and libraries and post offices and old stores and schools and baseball fields and playgrounds to induce a wonderful flood of memories and stories going back some fifty plus years.

This morning as I sit in my dad’s kitchen, I’m the only one here. Windows and screens doors are open as a cool breeze makes coffee even more enriching. The skies have darkened, and a healthy deluge of nourishing rain has set in. In the distance, a rumble of thunder rolls like orchestral timpani. It’s a slight reminder of God.

Some might say it’s mere electrical particles attached to increased temperatures and air pressure, but I say it’s God. Thunder comes from somewhere. Someone. God.
Actually, beyond the science of it all… I was forever taught that thunder is the sound of God bowling. Weird, but nonetheless God.

It’s interesting how we view our relationship with God. Some approach God contractually. Keeping up our end of the deal is hard, exhausting, and impossible. The trying is called religion.

Others, however, have a wonderful view of God based on His promises. God’s promises are founded on His work, not ours. This is where freedom comes. This is where the life of non-religion becomes possible.

Contractually, some work FOR God. Others look to the work OF God, and rest in His promises. A contract requires your own blood. God’s promises use His, and require only our faith. Abraham is a great example of someone trusting in the work OF God instead of working FOR God.

On Sunday, we’ll unpack such ideas further. What is righteousness? Is it contractual or based on God’s promises? Your approach to this is critical. What is faith? Do we conjure this up, or is this given to us? What does it mean to have saving faith in the righteousness of Jesus. Whew… This Romans stuff takes us deep. But it’s all good. God remains strong in the shadows we wrestle with.

Our text is Romans 4.

And… our guest speaker will be none other than Damian Boyd from Vertical Church in Atlanta! I’m confident you’ll remember Damian when he spoke last year during our Genesis series. Damian rocked the house with his high energy and practical Gospel insight.


Please invite a friend. They won’t forget Damian and the Gospel challenge he’ll lay down. It will be thunder… (wait for it) ous.

Blessings Ya’ll,

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