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The most vivid memories during my grade school years often involved recess. Between jump rope competitions, kickball tournaments, and swings that went so high they are likely illegal now, the blacktop behind Edison Elementary provided a forum for a bunch of rambunctious kids to run wild, form alliances, and establish pecking orders. Only two things ever ruined it for our class – inclement weather or a mischievous boy named Greg Fulk.

Greg was well-liked by his peers, but was a troublemaker for his teachers. And some days his shenanigans infuriated the teacher so much that the whole class was punished with indoor recess. Now, everybody knows that indoor recess is no recess at all. There’s only so much you can do with 20-plus kids in a confined, stuffy space to release the kind of pent-up energy we had been storing in our little bodies all morning.

Indoor recess. A harsh sentence. Everyone was disappointed.

Greg spoiled recess for the whole class.

This Sunday, we’re looking at the second half of Romans 5, where Paul talks about how Adam landed us in a similar dilemma. One guy’s sin messed up the relationship with God and His entire creation. But, don’t despair. Remember that every word of scripture points to Jesus. Although Adam got us into trouble, he also points to the One who will get us out of it. We’ll look at the full extent of what Jesus did for us to reverse the curse of wrath and death into love and life.

Also, we are gearing up for our Back-to-School FIA on July 24th. This is the last Sunday to buy backpacks for kids in our community, and we’re only halfway to our goal. Please remember to purchase one at the school bus display in the lobby. You can also donate one using the “give” or “donate” options on our website or the Cumberland app. Another option is to drop a check to cover the cost ($15) in the joy boxes (put “backpack” in the memo). And if you haven’t signed up to volunteer that day, we still have plenty of opportunities! Thanks so much, CCC! Let’s love on our community through our generosity and service!


Weekly Giving | 7.10.16


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