a glimpse towards Sunday 6.17.16

Most Sundays I have great anticipation for our gatherings. Then there are Sundays like the one coming. I have an even greater sense of anticipation.

We’ve all been through an incredible week. Weirdly, so much centered around Orlando. Singer Christina Grimmie was killed. An alligator took the life of a toddler at Disney World, and 50 died in our nations bloodiest shooting. The horrors coming out of Florida, along with our own “stuff,” makes for a very taxing week. It all causes pause and reflection with who we are, what we’re becoming, and where things are headed.


And then last night… LeBron scored another 41 points to take the NBA finals back to California for a winner-take-all game 7. It was such a great distraction for a rough week.

Ever notice when we begin to get to the heart of our hearts, we get distracted? Often times God may be taking us to a much-need place of self-examination, and then we get distracted by the worries, cares, and riches of this life.

There have been far too many times when I’ve talked with someone about Jesus and the reality of our sin addiction — only to get distracted with questions about Adam’s belly button and how the rapture will work if our seatbelts are on.

Weirdly, we all struggle dealing with who we really are and our total lack of ability to save ourselves. And we can get so distracted.

So… I’m anticipating this Sunday. I’m energized to teach. We’ve been dealing with harsh, bloody realities forcing us to deal with ourselves. And as we gather, God’s Word is going to direct us, help heal us, and move us to a holy, silent place of identity. From there, our steps can be ordered in the way we should go.

What’s our response to Orlando? Come Sunday and let’s respond together. Don’t get distracted. Our text is Romans 3:1-20. It’s thick. Rich. And awesome. There will be a great challenge for all, and a special one for dads and men.

Would you bring someone with you? There are people around you looking for answers too. What a terrific, eye-opening summer God is unfolding at CCC. I’ll see you at 9 & 11 a.m.



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