a glimpse towards Sunday 6.10.16

We drove last night to North Georgia Christian Camp. It’s fast becoming one of my family’s favorite places on planet earth. The closing session of worship and teaching last night featured Kurt Petersheim. Kurt is the Student Ministries Pastor from Eastridge Community Church in Covington, GA. He did a great job laying out a straightforward, passionate Gospel challenge to some 60+ highschoolers and 35 adults.

It was a moving gathering. By the end, Kurt challenged the engaged teens to stop looking at sports and look at the cross. He pleaded with them to stop looking at money and porn and tech and friends and careers… and look to the cross. The challenge was clear to not get emotional about the Gospel at camp but to live a Gospel-transformed life after camp.

camp candles

The kids were asked to respond by lighting candles and placing them at the foot of the cross. While “Nothing But The Blood Of Jesus” and “Holy Spirit” was being sung, every highschooler responded. The light of Jesus transforming young lives gave a warm glow to the dark room.

I was struck with a holy soberness as to how quickly the teens became aware of who they were in light of who Jesus is — and what He has done. The level of self-awareness was breath taking.

Have you ever met the uniquely wired person who blows right past your personal comfort zone? You know the person. They’ve crossed the line of proximity to your face as they converse about the universe. You can only back up until you hit a literal wall, and then they only get closer. Who does that? Someone who is not self-aware.

With either sin or pursuit of good behavior, how self-aware are you of who you are and who Jesus is? Have you determined your status of young brother or level of OBS (Older Brother Syndrome) tendencies? Older brothers usually have a greater propensity to NOT have a keen spiritual self-awareness.

On Sunday, we’ll talk about just that. Our text is Romans 2:17-29. OBS-aholics are famous for seeing flaws and specs in younger brothers, but not effectively dealing with large 2×4’s in their own retinas. Crazy. Let’s talk. Sunday. If sermons and prayer times are always for someone else, the ‘ole OBS might be creeping in. It’s shadowy stuff, but God is in the shadows nonetheless. Let’s tackle this!

Our summer continues to be a great one. See you Sunday with a friend or two…

– alan

P.S. – This summer, don’t forget to get your kids (all ages) to camp!! Check it out: http://www.christiancamp.net


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