a glimpse towards Sunday 6.3.16

I absolutely love this photo from a recent wedding I performed. I love Taylor Walker’s face as he sees his bride for the very first time. His visceral reaction is classic. I also noticed that at the exact time Taylor’s face was blowing up, I took a subversive, lustful look over at my smokin’ hot wife of twenty-nine years. I want to never lose what Taylor has, and I want Taylor to gain what I hold onto dearly.

great wedding shot

Two very different perspectives. One is on the front side of marriage, and the other is years and four children into marital bliss. Same coin. Two sides.

This Sunday, we’re looking at the flip side of a coin we picked up last Sunday.

Our text will be Romans 2:1-16. After taking a look in Romans 1:26-32 at people who willfully walk away from their Creator to pursue home their way, now we take a look at good, religious folks… just like us. Guess which side of the coin has the most spiritual difficulties. If you’re swimming in the shadows on this one, take a look at Luke 15: 11-32. Most if not all of us struggle with OBS. In Romans, there are fifteen verses for one perspective and one side of the spiritual coin. There are thirty-seven for the other side struggling with OBS. This proverbial coin represents those outside the church on one hand, and those inside the church on the other.

The OBS side is for most, if not all, of us inside the church.

Do you suffer from OBS? I do. Have you figured out what OBS is… yet?

Romans 2:1-16 is a challenging, rich, thick text. We’ll tackle it with some humor in a Seinfeld clip, prayer, help from the Holy Spirit, and practical application.

Both sides… inside and outside the church need to hear this one. I’m praying you’ll come and bring someone with you. The Gospel levels the ground for both sides of our now tired coin.

We start our 24/7 week of prayer on Sunday (sign up HERE). This may be the best prescription for those of us suffering from OBS. You’re frustrated not knowing the acronym, aren’t you? (this, in my line of work, is referred to as a sermon tease…)

Come Sunday to have both perspectives. Maybe your eyes will be wide open like Taylor’s, or maybe sly and slight like mine. Both count!

I’m excited to teach and gather with you at 9 & 11 a.m. this Sunday.

Blessings & Much Love,


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