a glimpse towards Sunday 5.27.16

I’m trying out the Blood Type diet. I’ve been hitting it fairly hard-core for the past 27 days. I like the healthy benefits, but not necessarily the glares and stares I get from people eating with me.

Yesterday for breakfast, I had green tea and a bowl of spinach and cucumbers. No dressing. Mmmm. My incredibly insensitive and non-loving friend across the table had eggs, bacon, toast, and coffee. The nerve of that guy! I think I was breaking several commandments just from the smell of bacon alone.

According to the Blood Type diet, there are certain foods beneficial for my A positive status, and there are foods on a neutral list. There is also a hefty tally of foods my blood type needs to avoid. Eggs, bacon, toast, and coffee are, OF COURSE, on my negative list.

As the Blood Type diet has aided me with a few nagging health struggles, my perspective on food as fuel and food for healing has definitely changed. I look at BBQ pork like it should be stabbed with a wooden steak and buried six feet deep.

My friend across the table with the wonderfully smelling bacon looked at me like I was the vampire. It’s funny how our perspectives shape our actions and thoughts.

This Sunday we’ll be gathering on a Memorial Day weekend. It just so happens we’re also hitting an extremely difficult and controversial passage of scripture in our Romans series. There are more shadows we’ll be dealing with.

Culturally, there are many and various shadows cast on Romans 1:26-32. You should read this passage to prepare. There are many and varied opinions on this text. We’ll handle it with a decided Biblical worldview. We’ll hit this passage straight on with the power of the Holy Spirit. The authority of God’s Word will be our firm foundation and definitive guideline as to how we should live in such a shadowy world in relation to our text. We’ll find, again, God in the shadows!

This weekend there will be yard work, cook outs (beware of the pork!), and gatherings. I hope you’ll also work church into your schedule. At CCC, we’ll be remembering our fallen servicemen, and remembering also our Savior who paid the ultimate price for our unfathomable gift of eternal life. He saved us from the shadows!

Bring a friend or two at our 9 & 11 a.m. gatherings. And yes… we WILL have coffee and donuts in the lobby no matter your blood type!! 

Blessings Ya’ll,


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