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If a parent would unleash the freedom hatches on their seven-year-old’s diet, do you think they would abuse this freedom? Would said elementary student forsake all green vegetables? What if they ate a steady diet of cotton candy? Wouldn’t the very freedom given be the cause of their own destruction? Which begs the question: Is sugar still poison if it’s soft, fluffy, pink, and clowns with creepy smiles sell it?

Is there any chance a first-born, seven-year-old would find a book of rules & regulations to handle their new dose of dietary freedom? Would freedom cause a young rule-follower to keep even more rules because freedom without rules always leads to chaos like cotton candy always leads to cavities and the sound of a dentist’s drill?
cotton candy diet

Jesus has given us tremendous freedom. In fact, it is for freedom that Christ has set us free. What do we do with this freedom? Do we box it in with rules? Do we unleash the whatever-I-want-to-do hatches? Is there something we can do with freedom to actual maintain and grow it in our lives?

Oh yes there is, and I can’t wait to unpack this come Father’s Day this Sunday.

Our text is Galatians 5:13-15. Just three wee little verses. Some may dismiss these three gems as piddly-diddly. Some may browse over and past this text to get to the really good fruit of the Spirit in ensuing verses. I say, “Not so fast!” There’s gold in there verses! (I have been deeply impacted by our Wild, Wild X… VBX.)

This Sunday, we’re taking a close look at what a gospel saturated life should look like, and how to maximize the freedom we’ve been given. In the wake of the tragic church shooting in Charleston, our text is extremely relevant and timely.

Dads… I trust you’ll lead the way and bring your fam to our gatherings at 9 & 11 a.m.
It’s gonna be a great Sunday for all.

And BTW… our VBX was amazing. Jen Overly and her awesome team of TWO HUNDRED, served over 300 kids with grace, love, and passion only explained by the gospel. This Sunday, our elementary, C3 kids will only be meeting during the 11 a.m. service. They will be finishing up their great week of Wild, Wild X VBX. After the second service, we’ll have a huge outdoor cookout for kids and parents. No cotton candy.

I’m looking forward to being with ya’ll on Sunday. Thanks for allowing me to be your pastor.



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