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Every now and then we run into people who are just flat out jerks, or sometimes even worse. It may be as simple as a rude comment to a waiter at a restaurant, or it may be as something far more serious. And to cap it off, these people claim the name of Jesus. Have you ever stopped to wonder… where’s the disconnect?

There might be a huge chasm between what the person says and what the person does. How can someone proclaim the name of Jesus, and yet live so contradictory to what they say they believe?

But then I remember, I am often that person. I often say something or do something that is complete opposite than the very Lord and Messiah I proclaim to follow. Many of us have those areas in our lives that are triggers, a simple switch that takes us out of the moment of reality and we act nothing like we normally do, and certainly nothing like we know we should.

I’m certain that the verses we’ll be diving into this week will help us understand how it is possible, and we’ll talk about the great work of the Holy Spirit within our lives. The working of the Holy Spirit in our lives should result in us actually living more like Jesus. Paul says, “Live by the Spirit, and you will not gratify the desires of the sinful nature.”

If the working of the Holy Spirit results in us actually living more like Jesus, I wonder what we could be afraid of in allowing the Spirit to work in our lives?

This week, we’re going to be challenged and encouraged in the working of the Holy Spirit in our lives from local church planter Bart Stone. Bart is a key church planter in the McDonough area, and he and his team launched Momentum Christian Church in January of 2007, and it’s going to be great to hear their story and how God is using them.

I look forward to seeing everyone on Sunday as we welcome Bart Stone.

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